Bridal Couture - Geisha Designs by Paras and Shalini

A blank page. A new beginning. A new day. A new year. A new life. Endless possibilities. . .

New Beginnings || Festive Couture 2021

This collection is about starting anew. A clean white slate, a poetry waiting to be penned. A joy-de-Vivre, a soul fluttering with joy, to embark on a new journey. A love story of sorts. The Muse is a Girl beginning a new chapter in her life- filled with pure self-love. A woman who celebrates being unique, being different. A girl blossoming with self-belief, unperturbed by society’s expectations. She isn’t demure or coy anymore. Every dress is handcrafted with utmost care & precision. New Beginnings transforms designs, lines and colors into a unique expressive trajectory that overcomes the boundaries of time. Breathing in a lightly festive atmosphere where the superstars are the light & radiant, hand embroidered fabrics in lustrous silk & satin in unusual colour combinations.